We are two Norwegian students who are waiting inpatiently for June 27th–the date we leave for Japan!! We’re traveling with the organization STS Education. In Japan we’ll have japanese lessons to learn the language, and we’ll also learn more about the Japanese culture through different excursions o(^▽^)o These excursions includes kimono-fitting, tea seremony, shopping and lots of other awesome stuff! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

Why are we doing this? Well, firstly it’s out of interest of Japanese culture, especially *drum roll* anime and manga!! That’s what started it, at least. We’re also thinking about our future career paths. I (read: Kini) want a job where I can travel, and Japan is a leading country in technology and science, which is what I want to work with. Being able to travel to Japan regularly would be absolutely wonderful! Plus people’s reactions when you tell them you understand Japanese. So worth it xD

(This will be updated later… You’ll get to know me as a procastinator -.-‘ ~K)


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