On Friday (we took our bags, marched into the buses and began on a 26 hour long trip to Germany. (I still think in German while I write this)
We drove to Oslo, took the ferry over to Denmark, and then the bus down south to Plön, a little town between Kiel and Hamburg. Our orchestra held two concerts, one in a festival, and one in a large park called “Planten und Blumen” (plants and flowers) in Hamburg.

We also took the time to watch the famous waterorgan in Planten und Blumen play before we turned our noses back home

We had one day for shopping in Hamburg, where Kini and I spent most of the time in Urban Outfitters ^-^

But the most important part of the trip was of course the social part, and the total amount of sleeping hours wasn’t anywhere close to what’s recommended. I haven’t laughed so much in so few hours ever I think! :P

Now I’ve arrived at the hotel. I’ll make a post after I’ve eaten supper!


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