Gardermoen Airport Hotel

Now I’m all alone in my hotel room, and I’m soon going to try and get some sleep..

2 beds just for me?? ^^

Kini and her mother drove me from the haven and to the hotel, but they will stay with Kini’s uncle, so now my only company is mr. computer.
Originally I thought I were going to stay with some of the other students, but it turned out that I was the only one who needed it, since we won’t have to meet at the airport before 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. *sadface*

I had to get some food some hours ago, but the only food available at the hotel this late was a beef burger sandwich.. but it was really good, and I’m satisfied, so I won’t complain!

Edit: Now it’s 00:08, fast asleep… tomorrow’s the day. So exited! :O


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