Why amazon.com and I are getting married, and you should brush your teeth!

Before we’re leaving for Japan, one of the things I’ve done is to make a list of things I’ll have to buy before I leave, and of things that I won’t buy at all before I get to Japan.

Why this? Well, the list of things I’ll buy before I go to Japan is vastly inferior to the list of thing I will buy there, or at least look for. The reason: everything in Japan is generally more awesome. That’s it. Indisputable fact.

If I could, I wouldn’t buy anything at all before we leave, but sadly there were some things I just had to purchase, either because I need them before we get there, or because I could save money that way (which I can spend on other stuff in Japan), without sacrificing awesomeness (mainly because I would’ve bought some very similar product in Japan, but probably to a higher price, and it’s kind of boring stuff so whatever).

And that is, hopefully explaining the title, what I and Amazon.com discussed, and finally came to an agreement about (over a cup of tea) yesterday (two days ago, but I wrote this yesterday, which kind of is today for me.. blah).

First of all, I had to get an external hard drive. And I really, really had to.
Actually I’ve needed one for a long time, because my pc is full already with pictures, films and anime (I have to delete stuff in a prioritized order all the time, and it breaks my heart -.-), but more important is that even if my hard drive was totally empty before I left, I probably wouldn’t have had enough space for all the pictures and video I’m going to shoot either way (yes my hard drive isn’t especially large..), so I really had to buy one, and this had a REALLY large discount on amazon!
Now I can also archive all the anime and manga I want to, having it available to all times for any extreme occasion (or non-extreme, one should always carry around some anime or manga in case of boredom and sparetime, so one’s sure do to something meaningful all the time -w-).

This is what I bought:
A Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 3 TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (… when I only get a computer with usb 3.0 *drooling*)
Price tag: $139.99

The next thing I had to buy was something to make sure my electrical stuff will work as soon as I get to Japan.
And here’s some practical info (hopefully) about Japan and their electricity-stuff:
The voltage is 100V~110V, unlike here in Norway where we have 230V, and the frequency of the electric current is 60Hz on the west coast, as opposed to norway where it’s 50Hz, but luckily the east coast, including Tokyo, use 50Hz. BUT(!!); this however I’ve found to be no problem, as all the electric stuff I’ll bring with me support anything in the range of 100V-240V, and both 50/60Hz as most new equipment do nowadays, though you can’t really be sure, as that’s not the case with everything especially more sensitive electrical devices. Therefore one would want to check the information on all their chargers etc. before traveling to another country.

Ok, so I didn’t need a converter, but I needed an adapter as their outlets look like this:

Kind of similar to the ones in the U.S.A. as you can see..
This is what I bought:

Lenmar AC5 World Travel Adapter Plug Set
Price tag :$8.99
(not what I really wanted, but nearly the only thing that could be shipped outside the US :/)

The third, and last thing that I REALLY needed, was an extra battery for my camera, cause I don’t want to run out of electricity at any given moment during the trip. really.
What I bought:

Lenmar DLZ302C Canon LP-E8 Battery
Price tag: $13.98

…. Then onto the things I didn’t really need for this trip, but that I’ve wanted for a long time:
AmazonBasics HDMI to Mini-HDMI Cable with Ethernet (9.8 Feet/3 Meters)
Price tag: $9.99
So that I can watch the films from my DSLR camera in HD on our TV, and not just on my computer..

Zeikos 3 Piece Filter Kit
Price tag: $10.95
To protect my lenses from my clumsiness..

And at last, which I’m not even sure will work (saw that to late), a wireless control for my camera:

RC-1 REMOTE Wireless Shutter Release for Canon EOS, Rebel
Price tag: $5.99
So that I can shoot self pics.. no, well yes.. but also to make as little motion as possible when using slow shutter speeds!

And the moral is: Always brush your teeth!!
Why? Well, your mouth won’t look like a black hole when you’re 70, and it’s very good business, at least it was for me..
Why was it a good business for me already?
Well, several years ago I made a deal with my mum, where she said that if I had no cavities in my teeth until I was 18, she would give me 2000 kr (about 325$ atm.), and since I became 18 about 3 months ago, and all of this costed just below 2000 with shipping and taxes and stuff (still ridiculous cheap in comparison to buying it in Norway), I didn’t pay anything at all.
That my friends; is a really good deal!

Well, now that I’m done with this boring stuff.. I can go back to paying my other bills;
no wait. -.-
I’ll make a post about that tomorrow.
じゃあまたね – See you later  ∩( ・ω・)∩


5 thoughts on “Why amazon.com and I are getting married, and you should brush your teeth!

  1. Hadde nesten glemt å skaffe meg adapter :o
    Men smart å bestille ting via nettet enn å svi av unødvendige penger hjemme!

    • Men etterpå ble jeg litt usikker på om vi kanskje får adapter der?
      Ellers burde det ha stått i f.eks. ABC-boka, men jeg har ikke hørt noe om det :/

      • Mener å huske at jeg leste om det i ABC-boka at vi måtte ha det. De nevner det garantert på avreisemøtet i morra tenker jeg meg, hvis ikke så er det et veldig relevant spørsmål å stille :)

      • Skal du på det? for jeg har ikke mulighet :/ I så fall er det fint om du spør hvis ikke de sier noe om det :)

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