NYC ♪( ´▽`)

No, this is not about New York City, but rather National Olympis Memorial Youth Center o(^▽^)o That’s a mouthful

It looks like this is the place we’re going to stay at. It seems like an awesome place! I found a pdf document where it was everything there was to know about NYC and all of the activities that are in the program are on campus. They even have a small traditional Japanese house where it’s held tea seremonies and flower arrangements (^∇^)

Those colorful buildings in the front? Yup, that’s NYC!

The rooms look great too. I was expecting bunk beds and cramped space, but it looks so light and comfy ♡ I’m going to see Tokyo afterall. Not planning to sit inside much either way ^^ There are one big bathroom on each floor, so we share the bathroom with everyone who lives on the same floor as us.

There are also big nature areas around the campus. It going to be great to just take a walk around campus, and sit down on the grass or under a tree with the homework, not having to sit inside because there is nowhere outside to sit.

NYC is located pretty central to everything. It’s not too far from Shinjuku and Shibuya! And even better, Ikebukuro is also close!! Ikebukuro is the place where the action of the Japanese novel Durarara is located. Durarara is also made into a manga and an awesome anime (which is also dubbed in English…) (^O^☆♪


Sangubashi is the name of the closest train station, the red rectangle is NYC.

7-Eleven is on the way to the train station if we feel for a little snack ^^

If you want to read more about NYC, or look at more pictures, click on the link below!

pdf with information about NYC

Only 21 days left!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ


One thought on “NYC ♪( ´▽`)

  1. That’s right, I got it confirmed that we are going to stay there ^^
    (had a question about Internet and such and got the link as an answer)

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