Reading up~

Atm I’m reading the ABC-handbook from STS :)

This little thing:


It’s all the general information for the trip :D Well, it’s general information for all the trips that STS offers ^^;

It explaines everything about the rules we have to follow, prices of busses and laundry, important documents we have to bring etc. etc . ^^

I’m also reading up on Japan and Tokyo ♡ I'm trying to figure out where all the cool stuff is located, and which shopping streets I want to visit ( *`ω´)


The Lonely Planet books are the best. This insight guide book on Japan is also really good ^^
Aaand, a few days ago, we got our "My Page"; a page on STS that holda all the information about the trip, like time of departure, our designated leader, flight information, what allergies I've registerd, extra things I've ordered and on and on….(^∇^)

I just get more and more excited! Ugh, I can’t waiiiit~!!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ


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