Japanese Sweets part 2/3 ~ POCKY

Pocky is made by the Japanese snack company Ezaki Glico, and was introduced in 1966. These yummy bisquit sticks covered in chocolate are eaten, and when you take a bite it sounds like ポッキン (pokkin) which is the source of the name ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


There are several types of pocky. Green-tea, banana, honey, strawberry, almond, and on and on. And there are even a “Men’s Pocky” which has a more bitter chocolate coating!


Here in Norway we can get the Pocky at our favorite otaku store, Neo-Tokyo~ It’s a couple hours away, so we can’t get them often. But that only makes it better when we get them o(^▽^)o

If you live in Europe, try looking for Mikado instead of Pocky. It’s the same thing with a different name ^^

Has anyone tasted Pocky? Share your favorite! o(^▽^)o I think mine’ll be the green tea one :3


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