Japanese Sweets part 1/3 ~ DANGO

Soooo, the sweets! Yummy~

One particular sweet dessert I’m gonna taste is the dango <3 Not only is it rumored that it tastes good, but it looks cute as well!

The dango is the Japanese dumpling made of mochiko (rice flour), and it’s thread on a skewer (about 3 to 5 dumplings per skewer). There are so many different types of dango too! Some are coated in sauce, while others aren’t. Some have extra ingredients too, like the chadango with green-tea flavor :)

Two of the most eaten types of dango is the hanami and mitarashi dango. The hanami is mostly eaten in the sakura viewing (cherry blossom viewing, hence the name hanami–hana means “flower” and mi means “to see”) :3 The three dangos on the skewer are pink, white and green, and they look delicious!


The mitarashi dango are coated in a sauce made of soy sauce, sugar and starch. It’s also been grilled on the skewers~ Some say that the sauce tastes kinda sweet, and I really wanna test if that’s true :D


Usually the dango is enjoyed with green-tea, and they are sold outside of temples and at festivals~

*Ninja-edit* by Morten

dango dango dango dango dango daikazoku~ Lyrics
This song is just too awesome not to be mentioned whenever one talks 
about dangos!! (ヘ。ヘ)


2 thoughts on “Japanese Sweets part 1/3 ~ DANGO

  1. I am so gonna taste that too in Japan! If there’s a good place that sells dango near the campus, let me know :3

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