Well, of course! I love Starbucks as much as others do! In Texas they are located at almost every street corner, while here in Norway we have one. At the airport. 4 hours away… Yey.

I don’t drink the typical black coffee yet (too bitter), but I love a good ice tea or a frappuccino <3 And Starbucks has the best ice tea (medium, black, sweetened)! On a long day shopping it’s nice to have some refreshments ;) Thank god, there are 10 Starbucks’ in Tokyo (according to Google maps).

I also found this really cool Starbucks which is also located in Tokyo. You can read more about it and see more pictures of it on this site here. :D

ImageNice, or what? ;D

Of course I need a Starbucks souvenir. I never get enough of Starbucks cups.

So yeah. I love Starbucks. I even made a Starbucks gingerbread-house last X-Mas… What do you think? :)


(I had a gingerbread-monster too in the background. I might show you if you’re interested ;))


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