The famous dog

Some of you might have heard about it before. The famous dog Hachikō. There are several books and movies that are inspired by this dog, and his relationship with his owner, Ueno Hidesaburō. Ueno-san (Mr. Ueno) was a scientist at the Tokyo University, and every morning he took the train from Shibuya Station. He took Hachikō as a pet in 1924, when the puppy was only a year old. Every day after work, Hachikō greeted his owner as he stepped off the train at the station. This daily routine continued until May, 1925, when Ueno-san died at work. He never returned to his waiting dog. Every day until his death May 8th, 1935 Hachikō went to Shibuya Station to greet his owner at the exact moment the train arrived. He was 11 years old when he died and today the dog is a sign of loyalty to the Japanese people.

Today there is a statue outside of Shibuya Station of Hachikō. This is a common meeting place in the area. And this is the statue that I want to see :3


There’s also a movie from 2009 based on the story. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale with Richard Gere in the main role.


I think the story is really nice and inspiring, but sad too. It has to be fantastic having a relationship like that with your pet. Do you, my dear reader, have any pets? Any cool pet stories? Or just really cute cat pictures or gifs from Tumblr? Let me know if ya do! :D <;3


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